COVID-19 Advice & YPRES trip

COVID-19 Advice & YPRES trip

Dear Parents/Carers
I am aware of some  concerns around the school trips that are planned, in particular our trip to Ypres on Friday.  We appreciate that it is a worrying time for parents given the increased reporting by the media and scaremongering on social media.
I know that there are some parents who, due to concerns that other students have recently travelled overseas or, in the case of the Ypres trip, about to travel, are considering not sending children into the Academy.  I would like to reassure you that this measure is not necessary as none of our students have been required by NHS 111 to self isolate and are not considered to be at any increased risk of infection. Similarly we are not travelling to areas that are under any restrictions.
Please be assured that we are working closely with advice from Public Health England to dynamically assess risk on a daily basis to ensure our academies remain free of COVID-19 for as long as possible.  We have complied with all advice from the relevant authorities and have taken pro-active measures to improve student hygiene as well as more targeted cleaning of our buildings.
All of our academies are currently free from infection and we have a rapid reporting system to pickup and deal with any cases that arise.
For now we would encourage calm and our focus is to maintain educational delivery for as long as it is safe to do so in school before we have to consider switching to our contingency plans. With regard to withdrawing your children the advice from the Government is that at present unless you are advised to self isolate by NHS 111 or Public Health England you should continue to attend school as normal.  If children are withdrawn without medical support we have been instructed to record their absence as unauthorised.
We would therefore encourage you to send your children to school as normal for the time being and we will commit to inform parents as soon as this situation changes.  We would also encourage you to discuss with your children the importance of regular handwashing and not touching their face and we will reinforce this message at school.
Kind Regards


Alex O’Donnell