Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Longfield Academy Amended Mobile Phone Policy

On Site? Out of Sight!

At Longfield Academy we strive to maximise learning and minimise disruption. Mobile phones and students access to them has become a growing issue that disrupts learning for the vast majority of students. This issue has been in the national press and many schools have taken the decision to amend their policy. We have taken the decision to ban the use of mobile phones including headphones at any time whilst the students are on site. This includes breaks and lunchtimes and can be enforced by any member of staff in the Academy.

This ban will be enforced from Thursday 3rd January 2019. This decision is based on a process of research and consultation; through the summer term and into this academic year, we have gathered the views of various stakeholders including: students, parents, staff and brought the issue to our parents forum, as well as used twitter to gather views. We have also visited other schools where a similar ban has been enforced and then used this information to make an informed decision. Some of the results are shown below.

Mobile phone policy – stakeholder feedback:

  • 61% of students say their mobile phones are on during lessons
  • 23% of students said they check and send messages during lessons
  • 76% of parents said that mobile phones should not be accessed during lessons
  • 60% on twitter poll agreed mobile phones should be banned in school

You will see the poster that will be going up around the Academy during module 2, ensuring that students are aware of our expectation and the sanctions that will be applied if a student is caught on their mobile phone in lessons or around the Academy.

We want the students focusing on their learning and not their phones. We believe this will enable use to:

  • Encourage positive dialogue between students;
  • Improve punctuality to lessons;
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing;
  • Reduce the likelihood that they will access social media during the school day;
  • Improve levels of focus in lessons;
  • Reduce the amount of lost learning time having to select songs to listen to.

Each college and the sixth form will be having an assembly during module 2 to explain how this will work and remind them of the sanctions to ensure that on Thursday 3rd January 2019, this mobile ban is not a surprise to them. Your support in ensuring your son or daughter understands this mobile phone policy, is very important.