Kent Police Recruitment Evening

Kent Police are hosting a recruitment evening on Tuesday 9th October from 5pm till 8:30pm at the Kent Police College.

There will be multiple stands that are showcasing the jobs that they have to offer within Kent Police accompanied by talks from recruitment coordinators about the different recruitment processes that potential candidates will have to go through.

The aim of this event is for potential applicants to learn and discover current vacancies that we have across Kent Police. There are multiple departments that will be attending, some of them include; the Investigation Management Unit, the Force Control Room, Detention Officers, Criminal Justice, Central Process Unit and the Corporate Recruitment Department.

If any students are interested then there is a register of interest that is available to them to find and fill out on the website. They need to fill out this register of interest before they arrive as students cannot just turn up on the day due to security reasons.

Please see the link for more information –