Exams & Results

Exams & Results


GCE results day – Thursday 17 August 2017

A2 – 9:00am

AS – 10:00am

GCSE results day – Thursday 24 August 2017

Year 11 – 9:00am

Year 10 – 10:00am

Please ensure you do not arrive before your allocated collection time. Results will not be given out earlier than the times stated.

If you are unable to collect your results in person on the day you have the following options only:

1) Hand in a stamped addressed envelope to the Exams Office before results day

2) You can authorise another person to collect your results for you. You must give a letter signed by yourself to a member of the Exams team before results day and the person you have authorised must bring identification with them when they collect your results.


This section contains important information regarding examinations at Longfield Academy.

All students sitting exams in the current academic year should pay careful attention to the information located in this part of the website.

Private Candidates are welcomed by the Academy. Please visit the Private Candidates section for further details.

Longfield Academy GCSE Exam Results

Students, parents and staff at Longfield Academy are celebrating some excellent GCSE results. There have been some enormous changes to exam rules this year but our students have achieved great results because of their hard work and determination.

56% of students achieved A*- C grades in both English and Maths.

Academy Principal, Alex O’Donnell commented: 

“This is a great set of results for Longfield Academy and I am proud of the hard work, determination and effort that students have put in to achieve success.  I would also like to thank the staff for the support and expertise that they have shown in ensuring our students become the very best they can be. I look forward to welcoming them and many other students back into our Post 16 provision in September.”

Some of our high achievers included:

  • Salha Abdulgialil 2A* 7A 1B
  • Elise Johnson 3A* 5A 1B 1C
  • Devon Brown 2A* 6A 1B 2C
  • James Wallis 1A* 7A 1B 2C
  • Charlotte Hay 1A* 3A 5B 2C

Year 11 Results 2016

5A*-C including English and mathematics: 52%.

When compared to similar schools (schools with the same academic entry profile when using Key Stage 2 results) nationally, this places Longfield Academy 10th out 55.

Attainment 8: 46.4 points.

This is a new measure this year and shows that, on average, a Longfield Academy student gains grade C-.

Progress 8: -0.09.

This is also a new measure this year and demonstrates the progress that students make, given their varying starting points (again Key Stage 2 results). These results place Longfield Academy in the ‘Average’ band nationally.

Percentage gaining a good pass in English and mathematics: 56%.

A good pass is defined as grade C or better at GCSE.

Pupils entering the EBacc – 55%

Pupils attaining the EBacc – 10%

The EBacc (English Baccalaureate) is comprised of English, mathemathics, sciences, a language and either history or geography. To attain it requires a good pass (grade C or better at GCSE).

Summer 2016 Exam Results

This year has been our best year ever with results.

13% of students gained A*- A grades at A level and 64% gained A*- C at A level.

2015 Data Dashboard

Please click here to view the Exam Results Data Dashboard for 2015.

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